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I am a qualified UKA FMR Trail Coach, a Certified UESCA Ultra Running Coach and experienced trail runner. I believe in a friendly, holistic approach to coaching, combined with fundamentals of exercise science, which is athlete centred and achieves this by getting to know and understand my athletes individually. My supportive style has inspired many to do things that they never dreamed of and to push their own boundaries further than they probably knew they could.

Whatever your individual running goals are, most of us benefit from some guidance and planning to help stay motivated and reach our individual potential. Whether you are just starting to run for the first time, are working towards your first trail race, taking on a new distance, or you just want guidance and motivation to run for fitness and wellbeing, I can help you.


We all lead busy lives, and knowing how and when to train to fit in with our own lives can be tricky. We could just look online or in magazines for a plan, but they rarely fit in with our other commitments. Swapping and changing them around might not always work well or be wise. They can’t tell you when you need to take extra rest to avoid over-training or getting injured. Generic plans don’t understand you the individual, and your other commitments. 

We will start our journey with a 1:1 phone or video consultation to discuss your goals, lifestyle, current levels of fitness and past experience. Building a relationship with a coach allows a bespoke plan to be developed for you; by monitoring your training and with ongoing communication, I will adapt your training as you progress and become fitter and stronger.

You’ll have coaching that works for you, with no more uncertainty and no more thinking, what should I do today? 

You will have access to your training calendar online or via your training app, which can be connected to your watch or phone and is free to download.  

I can give you advice on strength and conditioning, race fuelling and hydration, and setting new goals. To get full benefit of this we will have a regular communication by the method of your choice.


I will check in with you regularly and you are welcome to email or text as often as you like. In fact, I encourage this as it gives me a better understanding of how your training is going.

Online Coaching Packages £100pcm investment

Face to face coaching

Would you like some practical help and guidance with your running?

Join me for a 90 minute 1:1 coaching session. We will cover ways to improve your running technique and mindset.

We will break everything down and practice on the trails, so you can become a more mindful runner. I want to help you improve, get stronger, more confident and have heaps more enjoyment on the trails.

Price £60


*I will add a pre discussed surcharge for any location more that 30 minutes' drive from my home 

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