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She Runs Outdoors
Rache Murphy Running Industry podcast

In Episode 3 of the running industry podcast we talk to run coaches and brand ambassadors Mags Dempsey (Play in the Wild UK) and Rachel Murphy (She Runs Outdoors).


Both Mags and Rachel are ambassadors for the Salomon and Suunto brands in the UK, but most notably they also own and run two coaching businesses in the running industry. In this episode they talk about their backgrounds, how they arrived at where they are today, some of the difficulties faced by females in coaching and how they are inspiring trail runners - both male and female - to get out there and be the best that they can.


We also examine how they are also championing women in coaching, how they are dealing with the new situations in Covid secure groups and sessions, and how their businesses differ, talking in-depth about issues for women in running and how they both promote the benefits of running to tackle mental health and general well-being issues.


Host: Matt Ward

Produced by amplifi

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