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She Runs Outdoors

Health and safety policy statement of She Runs Outdoors


Our health and safety policy is to:


-Prevent accidents during guided trail runs, Escapes and coaching, and associated ill health.

-Manage health and safety risks before and during guided runs or coaching (online or face to face)

-Give clear instructions to athletes and any volunteers.

-Risk assesses all routes before and during runs.

-She Runs Outdoors will stay up to date with CPD and first aid

-She Runs Outdoors will consult with athletes on matters affecting their health and safety

-implement emergency procedures

-maintain safe and healthy conditions

-She Runs Outdoors Risk Assessments are available on request

-She Runs Outdoors will regularly review this policy


Rachel Murphy as owner/coach of She Runs Outdoors is responsible for ensuring health and safety standards are maintained/improved and ensures this policy is put into practice for She Runs Outdoors.


Date 06/06/23


Review date on or before 06/06/25

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