Guided Trail Runs

Your run with She Runs Outdoors is a social paced run. We are here to have fun and make friends. It is NOT a race. The runs are chilled and not competitive. You are encouraged to relax and not stress about your pace. We support each other along the way, get to meet some new people and enjoy the views.

Roughly speaking if you are fit enough to run and comfortable running 10-11 min miles / 6:15-7 min km on flat you will be fine.


If you are a faster runner, take it easy and make new friends.

No racing, no pressure, just a supportive run leader and like-minded women; making the runs accessible to runners  who are comfortable with the distance of each individual run.

Guided Trail Runs are social paced runs – so please expect stops for taking photos, to re-group and to admire the views, while having lots of fun.

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We are taking a break!

Please keep an eye on social media or add your name to our mailing list to be the first to hear when we are back running again.

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Sadly, due to insurance we are unable to have dogs on our runs, thank you for understanding.